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Consumer intelligence, done simply

Your mobile intelligence, machine learning solution to consumer behaviour and intent. We enable the optimal omni-channel approach to marketing strategies and measurement
Forecast, plan, engage, measure all on the one platform
Core Attributes

 Core Attributes

Using the HYP platform you can forecast, plan, engage and measure your marketing activities against a variety of consumer behaviours across all digital screens including mobile, desktop, CTV and DOOH
Visitor Trends
Visits to stores and places-of-interest (POI) over hours of the day, days, weeks, months, years
Modes of transport to and from work including distance travelled
Household income brackets
Cross Visitation
Cross visitation patterns between stores and POIs. Identify loyalists and high frequency visitors
Exercise types consumers perform
Shopper & POI profiles
Restaurant diner, Primary grocery buyer, real estate mover etc.
Age, gender
The suburbs in which people reside and work
Household Type
Household composition e.g., Couple with children
IAB Categories
Online consumption across IAB categories
Device Characteristics
Carrier, OS, Device Type

How it works

Audience Planner

  • Plan your next digital campaign including mobile, desktop, CTV and DOOH media campaign using our multi-dimension Audience planner

  • With mobility intelligence at its core and easy-to-use tools, you can zero in on real consumer intent by layering consumer profiles, location behaviour, online consumption, device attributes, customer loyalty and frequency

  • Our advanced machine learning capabilities recategorise and enhance our audience segments daily - making our targeting’s rigour second to none

  • Apply your own 1st party audiences to our database to build against

  • Using advanced machine learning, the Audience Planner will take your inputs and return an audience forecast instantly (real-time)

  • Save and generate these audiences in minutes, then seamlessly push them to the DSP (Demand side platform) or marketing platform of your choice for activation across all digital media channels

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Audience builder 1.png

Measurement & Analytics

  • Measure the retail impact of your next, omni-channel media campaign using our Store Visitation Measurement tools (Measure the impact of your ad impressions on store or location visits)

  • Generate a tag and apply it to your creative or third party tracking section within your DSP of choice or simply upload your impression logs to our platform to generate Store Visitation reports and analytics

  • Generate Store Visitation measurement reports and analytics in 1-5 minutes and run them as frequently as you like. Run them by creative, strategy, publisher or channel (audio, display, mobile, desktop, video, OOH, CTV)

  • Learn the impact of your digital campaigns across any digital channel. Analyse metrics ranging from location visits, control vs. exposed group uplift , visits breakdown by store or locations, average time from ad exposure to store visit, daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns and cross visitation between competing store locations

  • Determine the profiles of visitors you have influenced during your media campaign by age, gender, income and top location profile indexes (where else your visitors went) to help inform optimisation on future marketing campaigns

  • Ascertain the value of your marketing campaigns and improve your ROAS and ROI

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How it works

Who is this for?

Marketers and media owners looking to maximise the effectiveness and value of their marketing activities
Media Agencies and Brands
  • Achieve unparalleled operational efficiency through seamless workflow, from audience segmentation through to analysis and insights
Media Publishers
  • Create new revenue opportunities by leveraging new 1st party audiences for segmentation and targeting, along with advanced measurement and insights for your campaigns
  • Monetise your data in a safe and compliant way
OOH Media Companies
  • Segment your OOH placements to suit your diverse clients with specific needs
  • Provide store visitation metrics and consumer profiles as part of your offering
Who can benefit

Indexed against millions of devices

100 billion+
150 million+ devices
*Infinite number of locations to create
10 million+ pre-set locations
1000+ apps
3000+ profiles
Identity-less Targeting

Identity-less Targeting

Forecast, plan, activate and measure all digital channels without the use of identifiers
Introducing the HYP Graph (Beta)
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